For the past three days, I have been feeling nauseated. My head hurts and I feel the urge to vomit. My senses are definitely not 100% and it is terrible.

Today, When Mexico lost against the Netherlands over the penalty kick it made matters worse. I was mad, sad and nauseated. Mexico was robbed of a win by the Dutch, the final score was 2-1. Giovanni dos Santos scored a goal for Mexico right after the second half began. Then around minute 80 a Dutch scored to tie the game. The heart breaker was that supposedly Rafa Marquez hit a Dutch player and the referee called out a penalty. AH! that is the madness, in my opinion, it was not a penalty fault, the Dutch player threw himself into the ground and acted. Unfortunately, my opinion here does not count and it was all over when the Dutch fooled Memo Ochoa's greatness at the goal line. The 2014 FIFA World Cup round for Mexico is officially over. The game was played at Fortaleza in a scorching and humid stadium. It was approximately 97 Fahrenheit. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Now we must wait another four years to see what El Tri can do in the soccer fields of whichever country is the next host. I know it is just a game but the aftermath feels awful. What more can I do but drink tea, orange juice, relax and continue applying to jobs. Oh well, I am still proud of the team though, heart broken of the loss but still proud of Miguel 'El Piojo' Herrera's run at the Mundial in Brasil. For now I will cheer for Colombia and of course the USA's National Soccer team, and focus on treatment for the nausea.