june gloom, grads and pains

my back hurts, my heart aches and the mull is half full. or is it half empty?
I didn't know Target sold milk and beer nor did I know how replenishment of aisles took loads of work and energy. Sometimes my back hurts from pushing boxes, other times I laugh at the memories certain products bring me by simply looking at them. For example, last night Robitussin took me back to Oakland road trip, the CSULB Health Center, BART rides and San Francisco walks. It's amazing and ridiculous how a simple product can make me reminisce of memories and events.
I miss my friends yet there are with me in the most surprising places. I find them in a song, at a store and with Robitussin. It astounds, surprises and saddens me. I cannot return to the memory but the memory lives within me.

Speaking of memories, today as I sat at the Santa Ana Bowl waiting for the Saddleback candidates for high school diploma I reminisced of Dante's graduation that occurred seven years. Today it was Lucas's, my cousin's graduation and it was all green. Green gowns, green grass, green leis, green shirts and green carpet. I think I reminisce too much and need to realize how I need to preoccupy myself with more job applications and interview news.

In other news, it has now been a week of FIFA World cup and I am not sick of Futbol. I love the excitement and goals as well as the nerves and frustration.
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